Thursday, March 28, 2013

Day #4 - Slimming Body Wrap Review & DIY

As bikini season approaches as well as turning 40, I decided to look into this body wrap craze. What I researched online seemed promising and well worth the try. The promise is immediate results, a firm taut bod and the loss of inches. Sign me up please and thank you! In addition to countless amounts of day spas offering body wraps, you are also able to purchase at-home body wrap kits. Hey now!
I called a local day spa for pricing with the hopes of booking an appointment. The price seemed fairly reasonable for a 50 minute one-time herbal full body wrap. Somehow I still was not convinced on spending the money. I mean, what if I get hooked and want to do it once a week? $80 a week for a body wrap is not in my budget and nothing is more frustrating as wanting something that I cannot afford. Well, heck I guess I live most of my life in frustration if you think about it. However, I do firmly believe we are worth it and we should treat ourselves but logically speaking it is a temporary approach to loosing inches off your waistline. So basically I can spend the moola and then eat myself back to pre-wrap size…all in a day’s work. Shame. So I looked into purchasing an at-home body wrap kit where I can get more bang for my buck and more than one application. I was still not satisfied with the price. It was practically double the price of a spa treatment. Hmmm… perhaps I am sliding into the penny-pinching phase of my life, too.
Anywhoo, I began my quest to research, price compare and review. And alas, I found an affordable DIY approach that yielded awesome results! I am beyond excited to share. First I must say that there are different types of body wraps treatments out there; detox, weight loss, cellulite, paraffin, herbal, seaweed, contouring, etc. There are several applications out there as well; clay, mud, herbs, algae…etc. You also have the option to wrap with saran wrap or ace bandages. It is a matter of figuring out what results you are looking for and having access to the products needed for a good wrap. Fairly simple? Let’s see!
DIY At-Home Clay Body Wrap for Under $30
1 cup - Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay (a.k.a. Bentonite clay) – $4.99 web special at Vitamin Shoppe http:/
1 cup - Lavender Scented Epsom Salt – $1 at the Dollar Store (Los Angeles area)
15-20 - Ace Bandages (count depends on your size) - $1 each at the Dollar Store (Los Angeles area)
2tb sp. - Olive Oil - $1 at the Dollar Store (Los Angeles area)
1 cup - Water
Take a nice hot shower and exfoliate your skin with a loofa to open your pores. I used a home-made sugar scrub for an extra spa-like treatment and exfoliation.
Fill pot with water and *lavender scented Epsom salt on medium heat until warm, immerse your ace bandages in the pot until all bandages are evenly coated. Remove pot from heat, set aside to cool.
Combine **Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay, olive oil and 1 cup of water into an old mixing bowl forming a paste. Set aside.
Get a measuring tape and record your pre-wrap inches. Be sure to measure the areas you are intending to wrap.
Rub clay mixture over desired area to be wrapped. You can put it on your entire body OR targeted areas. I went for the full-Monty. After the clay is evenly spread over your desired area, lightly wring out ace bandages rolls and begin wrapping your body from the bottom up. The scent of the lavender bandages and its warmth on your skin is AMAZING!   
Have your wrap area already prepared. I used old cotton sheets and tons of towels in which I covered my couch in. Lie on your couch and have someone wrap you tight like a burrito and then cover you with blankets. You are creating a thermo effect that aids in the loss of inches. You do not want to sweat or become uncomfortably overheated. Use wisdom and proceed with caution. Typically body wraps are 45-50mins long. Make it a pleasant experience by lighting some candles, listen to some soothing music or watch a favorite television show. My DIY experience was so awesome, I fell asleep!
After your 45-50mins experience, remove the wraps and take a hot shower to clean off the clay.
The results? My body felt AH-MAZING!!!!! My skin was so smooth and tight!!! I was feeling so good, I let my fiancĂ© get his rub on! Oh yeah, did I lose any inches? YES!!!!! I lost 1.5 inches on my waist and thighs in one session! I didn’t measure anything else I was too thrilled about my waist & thighs! I read for even better results, drink PLENTY of water for 48hrs to help flush toxins and try to avoid caffeine and sugar. Will I do it again? Oh, hells yes! I have enough products for several wraps.

PROS: Um, inexpensive awesomeness!!! Perfect for getting into that stubborn dress!
CONS: It is a temporary approach to weight loss and a bit messy. And of course maintaining a proper diet and workout regimen yields lasting results, blah, blah, blah…
*You can use sea salt and add your favorite essential oil for aromatherapy or plain sea salt. I wanted the added soothing relief of the Epsom salt & lavender scent and I was not disappointed! Awesome!
** Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay has a deep pore cleansing effect and eliminates toxins contributing to a slimming effect. It leaves your skin soft and tight. This stuff rocks!
Aztec Clay, Olive Oil, Scented Epsom Salt & Ace Bandages

Prepping for body wrap

The human burrito...that's a wrap!!


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